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PK-PSN    Panorama Stickers - Numbers 520

New in 2021
Manufacturer: Poppik
Usage:  -
Made in: Made in Poland
Web Site:
Pack Type: flatpack
Bardcode: 3760262410548
Weight: 0.00 grams
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Here's a very creative way to learn to count to 10!
Each number has to be associated with an element of nature: 1 sun, 2 cheetahs, 3 caterpillars, 4 fish, 5 daisies
Unfold the panorama and glue the geometric stickers on the large decoration following the colours indicated.
Once finished, the large sticker poster can be hung on the wall to decorate the room. It's easy, it doesn't stain. And the children have fun without the help of adults for hours!


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