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LAAD750    Archi Dinos 750 piece

New in 2022
Manufacturer: Little Architect
Usage:  -
Made in: Australia
Web Site:
Pack Type: Plastic Tub with Lid
Weight: 1826.00 grams
Ship Unit:
Qty per : 0

The Little Architect - Archi Dinos 750 piece. This construction toy features a unique interlocking system which allows easy joining and dismantling. These versatile and colourful building bricks provide children of different ages and abilities hours of fun and enjoyment, enhancing important creative thinking, problem solving and fine motor co-ordination skills. Suitable for 4+ Archi Dinos contains 9 easy to follow instruction cards. The cards are a 1:1 ratio and the pack includes enough pieces to build a volcano, tree, fern, dinosaur egg and a Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Raptor, Pterodactyl, Gigantosaurus, or Ankylosaurus,


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